I was pleasantly surprised to be given an appointment for the day after my call. I arrived about 5 minutes before my 4:00 appointment and was taken into the office immediately. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Bethany asked what issues I had been having with my hearing aids. She checked the devices and quickly concluded that the wires were causing the intermittent crackling I had mentioned earlier. Bethany asked how I was hearing with the aids, she agreed that lowering the base volume was advisable in my case. The changes she made greatly improved the sound quality in both ears. Bethany is always very pleasant and terrific at resolving hearing/aid issues. The length of my visit was reasonable and corrected the concerns for which my visit had been scheduled.
Allen Hynek, on Google
I got excellent service and the hearing aids are a blessing. I can certainly hear and understand better, especially my grandchildren and the TV news. The professional, Ms. Bethany did an outstanding job and answered all my questions. God Bless.
Anil Bhandari, on Google
Bethany is a life saver here for me..I haven't heard much in my 50 years but within matter of minutes she got me hearing things I never heard before. She really takes pride in her job and it shows..she is very knowledgeable about the hearing aids she promotes.
Kim Hamel, on Google
Both Betheny and Sophia both are rated with five stars. Their communications were great and to the point. The request I ask for in respect to the new hearing aids and their promise to deliver was kept without excuses and on schedule. They were courtesy, friendly, and were there to help make my life better in addition to help make communications better for whomever i may make contact with. Thank you ladies I am pleased with the hearing aids and my fiancee is greatly happy for not having to repeat several times for me to understand what she is saying. Bill
BILL OWENS, on Google

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