My experience with Ascent Hearing Center, particularly with Dr. Bethany Goddiess has been fantastic. From the ease of my initial hearing test, through the education process of hearing aids that were available and would best suit my needs, to purchasing the hearing aids, the fitting and then follow up up service has been amazing. Dr. Bethany is kind and patient, incredibly knowledgable, and delivered exactly what she said she would. I am no longer struggling in conversation to understand people. I realize now how much I was missing due to poor hearing, and how much energy it took trying to overcome my poor hearing. No one really notices I am wearing hearing aids until I point it out to them. I highly recommend Dr. Bethany Goddiess and Ascent Hearing Center !!

Mark Silvia, on Google

This is my third visit to see Dr. Bethany Goddess, and I have been extremely impressed with every visit. Dr Bethany is a true professional, always greets you with and smile and friendly “Hello”. She is very very knowledgeable and ensures that you understand everything and all your questions have been answered. I have recommended her to several friends. Thank you Dr. Bethany.

David hart!mann, on Google

Great experience! Everything was explained so clearly to me and I was in and out in less than an hour 🤩

Michelle Martin, on Google

Knew almost exactly what I was feeling. Was very sympathetic to my problem. Continues to monitor my problem and checking my good ear for any decline in hearing. The Doctor was very thorough.


Bethany Goddiess is not only very knowledgeable but also professional and a joy to work with. She took the time to make sure I was happy with my new hearing aids and all my questions answered. If you need a hearing test or new hearing aids you won’t be disappointed!

Kathy Skinner, on Google

The audiologist was amazing!! Very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and kind. She is a great asset to your company!!! Will recommend everyone there!!!

Laura Ledesma, on Google

On time, professional, very informative, pleasant and helpful.

Tracey Dubee, on Google

Bethany was as always very pleasant and very helpful.

Rachel Mclaughlin, on Google

Fast friendly just a nice experience


Bethany is extremely knowledgeable of her craft and made my experience quite pleasurable. The test was not the typical hear the beep - push the button with newer technology. She didn’t rush me off and in fact took me in earlier than my appointment which interrupted her lunch. Very explanatory at the end and left the decision to go forward with hearing aids or merely thank her for the information. Only gave four stars as I haven’t received them yet and waiting to see the change. As far as Bethany and her knowledge/skills - definitely five stars. These reviews helped me to choose Bethany as all were more than positive. A lot of factors affect your hearing and definitely worth the visit if you are experiencing missing conversations or doing a “huh” more often than not. It happens and there are knowledgeable folks as Bethany that can help. Absolutely no pressure… UPDATE: Worn the hearing aids for two weeks as Dr. Bethany prescribed with a return visit yesterday (11/29/2023). As with anything that is not the norm (glasses etc.), there is a transition period that still is occurring. Slight headache for a day or so as your hearing new sounds that the brain is adjusting to - felt like small pencils that you use to score a golf card on your ears, all of which went away. bottom line is I can now hear sounds that I couldn't and well worth the try. Versus handing them back, I am moving on with them and honestly look forward to putting them in when I ready my day. Dr. Bethany is an absolute pleasure to work with and looking forward to that future professional relationship. Thank you all to the google reviewers who helped to convince my choice of Ascent. Bottom line is if you are having a problem, it happens and these work and will become routine in your daily activities. Can't speak highly enough of Dr. Bethany and her expertise verses a competitor who will probably toss these at you without the extensive attention and knowledge she provides where you end up with a costly device that will lay in the drawer. Bumped up to 5 stars plus. Thank you Ascent and most importantly, Dr. Bethany!!

Bob Strohl, on Google

The audiologist was very thorough and honest

Tony DeNobrega, on Google

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